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AMBUJACEM @271 on 27/07/2016

You might have been benefited immensely by following the last advice, however, its time again to accumulate this on dips for medium/long term…1051/31.88 (243/550/1560/1300/1250/1200/1200/3M). Prev Advice: AMBUJACEM @220 on 29/04/2016 If you have entered this scrip in line with last advice posted here then you may look for getting out of it up on surges between … Continue reading

panch-tattva/post result

PRISMCEM @51 (071009) may be accumulated for long term and may be sold at above 76/- till next assessment.Need not put stop loss.(Ref1301:60/36:17/21) PFIZER @870 (290909) may be bought for medium/long term.Stop Loss as advised under guidelines.(Ref 1137:996/435:17/21)

panch-tattv/post result…jswsteel,albk,idfc

JSWSTEEL @603 (200709) gets 1115 panch-tattva points and you may buy it for medium term ie book partial profits along the way. ALBK @86 (200709) gets 1576 panch-tattva points and you may buy it in bulk but with being careful to book profits whenever you have opportunity and keep some for long term. IDFC @141 … Continue reading