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Sugar Stocks

Friends, It looks to me that sugar scrips will be up by almost 2.5 times over the next 12-18 months because of certain phenomenon that I am observing right now. This may sound absurd to some but believe me there is certain basis for saying so. Things may take any kind of turn any time … Continue reading

Advantage Sugar

Friends, You may now clearly see the advantage of entering Sugar sector for investment. There was a blood bath yesterday when Nifty lost 566 points in a single session however the sugar scrips did not see such variations in prices. Also when the mood of market will be improved, these scrips would be delivering better … Continue reading

Sugar Sector: Some Surprising Ratios

Sugar scrips were down today along with rest of market. But look at following which will surprise you: Company M/Cap(Crs) Assets Sales Profit CMP/52WHigh/52WLow (30/07/19) Balramchin 3224 3756 4285 570 146/167/66 Triveni 1698 2687 3181 220 57/78/36 Dhampursug 1015 2912 2754 254 153/252/80 Dalmiasug 728 2527 2018 187 90/136/52 Bajajhind 715 6803 8787 -64 6.30/12.1/6.30 … Continue reading

The Sugar Giants

I am a bit surprised at the extent of fall in stock prices of sugar biggies which happen to be most organised like Balrampur chini, Dhampur sugar and Avadh Sugar etc while small sugar scrips are maintaining price levels. This is while here is no big adverse development of late in sugar sector, the international … Continue reading

panch-tattva talk…SC on sugarcane pricing

Friends, After the High Court (Allahabad) ordered the mills to pay Rs125 a quintal for sugarcane to farmers, the mills went in to appeal with SC. SC has given a judgement keeping the Rs110/qtl as valid price for the season under reference and this also paves way for the rational fixation of the sugarcane price … Continue reading

panch-tattva talk…sugar embroiglio

Friends, Sugar mill owners are wrong in demanding to buy the cane at lower rate this year from farmer for farmer has also had to bear higher input costs. The Allahabad High Court in its interim order has fixed Rs 1100/- to be paid to farmers till the matter is finally resolved. This has been … Continue reading