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Sugar Stocks

Friends, It looks to me that sugar scrips will be up by almost 2.5 times over the next 12-18 months because of certain phenomenon that I am observing right now. This may sound absurd to some but believe me there is certain basis for saying so. Things may take any kind of turn any time … Continue reading

Some Statistics About Six Leading U.P. Based Sugar Companies

Avadhsug : Market Cap/Assets 677/1940 CMP 263.00, 52W H/L 382.00/181.00 T/O 12M0318/12M0319/9M1219: 2133/2339/1786 P/L 12M0318/12M0319/9M1219: 88/119/28 Bajajhind : Market Cap 804/8787 CMP 6.00, 52W H/L 10.2/ 5.10 T/O 12M0318/12M0319/9M0319: 6902/5947/4803 P/L 12M0318/12M0319/9M1219: -499/-136/-155 Balramchin: Market Cap/Assets 4244/3756 CMP 169.40, 52W H/L 195.00/109.00 T/O 12M0318/12M0319/9M1219 4328/4372/3001 P/L 12M0318/12M0319/9M1219 231/575/274 Dhampursug: Market Cap/Assets 1598/2912 CMP 191/70 52W … Continue reading

Sugar Prices and Sugar Stocks

International sugar prices are at 3 yr high now while Indian sugar scrips have lower values than their recent peaks. All U.P. based companies are sitting on pretty large inventory and would reap a huge bonanza in coming months. It is only a matter of time before the 52W highs are crossed by them all … Continue reading

Sugar Stocks

The following is the earlier post on sugar stocks that appeared on 24th Nov 2019. ‘Buy Sugar Stocks By All Means At this stage of sugar industry when most sugar stocks (talking of U.P. based mills) have slid by between 15% to 30% from their recent peaks there is a big chance to make money … Continue reading

Sugar Stocks

Exercise caution in sugar space, some counters may give some jolt also as there is yet not any new development to warrant the sudden spurt of the kind scene yesterday. This however is not to say that time has come to unload sugar stocks.

Sugar Companies

All sugar companies are brick and mortar companies and they don’t have any part of market cap that can be ascribed to brand values which might evaporate over night. Their raw material supply would not ever end and their consumers will not turn away. Wherever you find a sugar company quoting at less than book … Continue reading

Buy Sugar Stocks By All Means

At this stage of sugar industry when most sugar stocks (talking of U.P. based mills) have slid by between 15% to 30% from their recent peaks there is a big chance to make money by buying a mix of the following: Avadhsugar LTP 240/- Bajajhind LTP 6.50 Balramchin LTP 142/50 Dhampursug LTP 173.25 Dwarkesh LTP … Continue reading

Sugar Stocks

Friends, Sugar stocks did firm up by between 10 to 25% since the our earlier post reproduced below. “Why Sugar Shares This entry was posted on May 22, 2019, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. Leave a comment (Edit) Friends, Sugar prices are likely to go up by 25% in about 6-8 months from now and … Continue reading

Sugar Stocks

Avadhsugar CMP 451.00 Bajajhind CMP 11.75 Balramchin CMP 117.15 Dalmiasugar CMP 111.15 Dhampursugar CMP 179.30 Dwarkesh CMP 29.25 KMSugar CMP 9.45 Mawanasugar CMP 55.80 Ranasugar CMP 4.10 Triveni CMP 54.30 Uttamsugar CMP 154.60 Those acted on the following and subsequent set of advice to invest in sugar stocks must be very pleased today. Now you … Continue reading

Sugar Stocks

Andhra Sugar 357.85 (20.45) Avadh Sugar CMP 297.75 (+0.55) Bajaj Hind CMP 6.6 (0.00) Balrampur Chini CMP 70.75 (+2.65) Bnnari Amman 1434 (+1.85) Dalmia Sugar CMP 52.1 (+0.75) Dhampur Sugar CMP 79.55 (+1.30) Dwarikesh Sugar CMP 16.45 (+0.30) KMSugar CMP 7.85 (0.25) Mawana Sugar CMP 33.55 (+1.25) Triveni Engg CMP 37.35 (+0.70) Uttam Sugar CMP … Continue reading