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Sugar Stocks

Friends, It looks to me that sugar scrips will be up by almost 2.5 times over the next 12-18 months because of certain phenomenon that I am observing right now. This may sound absurd to some but believe me there is certain basis for saying so. Things may take any kind of turn any time … Continue reading

Sugar Stocks

Exercise caution in sugar space, some counters may give some jolt also as there is yet not any new development to warrant the sudden spurt of the kind scene yesterday. This however is not to say that time has come to unload sugar stocks.

Sugar Companies

All sugar companies are brick and mortar companies and they don’t have any part of market cap that can be ascribed to brand values which might evaporate over night. Their raw material supply would not ever end and their consumers will not turn away. Wherever you find a sugar company quoting at less than book … Continue reading

Sugar Scrip Have Boomed

The following post appeared on 29th Aug ’19 and you as a regular visitor might have noticed it. Have you made your bundle of notes, if so, then please let me know what you bought. There has been upsurge in prices by between 15 to 40% since then in sugar scrips. The Post on 29/08/19 … Continue reading

Sugar Scrips

Friends, We have been prompting you to invest in sugar scrips. Bajajhind has improve from 5.50 to 7.50 in just two – three days. Other stocks have also improved. Those who have yet enter sugar may do so by buying Dwarkesh (23/-) Mawana (32/-), Avadh (222/-), Dhampur (148.50), Dalmiasug (76/50) and KMSugar (7.10). I personally … Continue reading

Sugar Price Looks Up So Do Sugar Scrips

Friends, Post governmental relief grant of Rs 6200 crs to sugar Industry for export of 6 million tonnes of sugar, the sugar price in open market has seen some improvement. Sugar scrips were up too but not in a frenzied way, so now it the time to enter and Bajajhind (5.40) and Mawana (29/-) have … Continue reading


QI (19-20) results by Balrampur Chini today shows EPS of Rs 4.66 against RS 3.24 for QI (18-19). It’s EPS for 18-19 was RS 25.21 against Rs 24.29 for 17-18. It’s reserves are RS 2095 crs against capital of 22 crs. With better times ahead. CMP 129/- today against 73/- on 07/08/2018 is up by … Continue reading

Sugar Sector: Some Surprising Ratios

Sugar scrips were down today along with rest of market. But look at following which will surprise you: Company M/Cap(Crs) Assets Sales Profit CMP/52WHigh/52WLow (30/07/19) Balramchin 3224 3756 4285 570 146/167/66 Triveni 1698 2687 3181 220 57/78/36 Dhampursug 1015 2912 2754 254 153/252/80 Dalmiasug 728 2527 2018 187 90/136/52 Bajajhind 715 6803 8787 -64 6.30/12.1/6.30 … Continue reading

Sugar Scrips

Please refer to my post dtd 28th Dec ’17. The giants like Balramchin did improve from 131/- to 135/- , Dhampursug from 211/- to 216/- and Avadhsug from 804/- to 808/- . Since the sugar price trend in international market is showing signs of stability one may remain invested in sugar scrips for time being … Continue reading