Posted in November 2007

panch-tattva talk

friends, Limited Parternership Bill would soon be cleared. This is step in right direction and would open possibilities of partnership between people who have common business vision but no personal history of mutual trust. Another important feature is that the stepping in shoes of outgoing partner would be easier and the continuity of business will … Continue reading

panch-tattva…sectoral prospects…where to stay

Friends, The past week may have jolted the the die hard bulls, the rot was seen in all the markets around the world. The current week has to be observed with greater keen-ness. The fall of over 5% over the week saw nifty close at 5608 which has lost more than the leading and developed markets. The moot question is whether the weekness is for longer term and whether the FII interest in Indian markets is on the wane. Let us observe the week ahead while we put in place the defensive strategy to gain against the all odds. For the purpose the sectoral study will help and is … Continue reading

panch-tattva talk…India…an economy over $one trillion

Friends, India’s economic size grew to cross USD one trillion and the size of market capitalisation followed course, it has even toured past USD 1.5trillion mark lately. This is no small event though for a nation that still lives in part in the times not very much different than nineteenthcentury. The trillion dollar club has membership of about a dozen nations . It may seem a dramatic event but it is a fact too that in real terms the economy’s size has been worth more than a trillion dollars for far too long. Indian economy is still operating in some ways on barter system and escapes the accounting in monetary terms. For example a ‘Purohit’ … Continue reading