panch-tattva…some guidance

Dear Investors/Traders, We cover stocks common to Sensex and Nifty (till 03/06/20 we were covering all Nifty stocks) and form an opinion. The results, whenever announced, are analyzed and observations are made considering almost all aspects of the business and environment. You will find such opinion in a nutsehll under ‘stock-specific recommendations’. We call our … Continue reading

ACC @1309 on 04/09/2020

This may be bought for log term now…ref 892/8.65 (420/660/1040/1005/40/20/25/25/q1fv21). (This is being posted belatedly, however, who want opinions regarding stocks other than Sensex to be given immediately after analysis may get is touch with us.)

State of Markets

Friends, I had warned you to be wary of market ruling high om 2nd Sept ’20 when Nifty stood at 11535 and market did fall by a good 200 or so points. It has been showing strength once again and has touched 11600 level of Nifty. Let us examine what goes in to fueling this … Continue reading

Adani Transmission @238.65 on 14/08/2020

This is good for buying for medium term…1060/114.22 (370/1655/1570/930/25/25/25/25). P.S. This is published with deliberate delay. All Nifty Next stocks have been analysed but will be posted with time lag and just for record sake and our own reference. Those interested will have to get in touch with us before next quarterly result announcement.


Friends, I appreciate Ambanis for what they delivered in spite of Indiras, Rajivs and V.P.Singhs and helped by Narsimharaos, Atals and Manmohans. Now they have shown exemplary performance in times of Modi. Now there is someone manipulating upwards the share price of Reliance because I don’t find it proper for it to go up in … Continue reading

Our Portfolios

Friends, Have a glimpse of our Portfolios namely PTQIIIFY20, PTQIVFY20 and PTQIFY21. For your reference Nifty closed at 11464 as against previous week’s closing of 11334  i e clocked gain of about 1% while our portfolios have shown slight loss over the week. This has happened because of Reliance having gained more than 10% over … Continue reading

Predict Nifty and Win Prizes

Friends, You are all invited to participate in the friendly contest of predicting Nifty closing on the 07/09/2020 by posting your anticipated level of closing before 2 PM i e 1400 Hours IST till 07/09/20. The closest entry to the actual closing will entitle you to win a cash reward of Rs.250/-. There would be … Continue reading