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Dear Investors/Traders, We cover NSE listed stocks (search by using NSE symbols) and give exacting advice. The results, whenever announced, are analyzed and recommendation is given based on almost all aspects of the business and environment (this you will find under ‘stock-specific recommendations’. We call our system of study as ‘panch-tattva’. To understand recommendations please … Continue reading

ZEEL @592 on 17/01/18

You may sell this and begin to accumulate under 550/- for medium term…ref 998/18.22 (130/375/1745/1200/1200/1150/1150/1038/3M/1217/cld/10788). Prev Advice: ZEEL @526 on 24/10/2017 You may retain/buy more of this for medium/long term…ref 1148/19.4 (125/570/2680/1200/1200/1200/1200/1010/3M/cld/0917/10207). Prev Advice: ZEEL @535 on 25/07/2017 You might have been out of this after booking profit; it may now be accumulated on dips for medium … Continue reading

HINDUNILVR (HUL) @1375 on 17/01/18

You may sell this for time being and look for accumulating below 1300/- or wait…ref 966/7.84 (115/218/1543/1300/1200/1150/1150/1052/3M//1218/10788). Prev Advice: HINDUNILVR (HUL) @ 1235 on 30/10/2017 This entry was posted on October 30, 2017, in stock-specific recommendations and tagged FMCG, hindunilvr, HUL, investment advice, nifty, sensex. Bookmark the permalink. Leave a comment (Edit) You were supposed to … Continue reading

INFY @1078 on 12/01/2018

Now you may sell this on surges and wait till next advice…ref 1152/9.90 (305/755/2440/1150/1150/1150/1200/1072/3M/cld/1217/10681). Prev Advice: INFY @926 on 24/10/2017 You may retain/add/buy afresh for medium/long term…ref 1121/11.02 (330/790/2120/1200/1150/1200/1200/980/3M/cld/10207). Prev Advice: INFY @923 on 18/08/2017 You may sell this on surges and accumulate also on dips with medium term point of view…ref 1088/10.65 (300/765/2020/1150/1150/1150/1200/951/3M/9837/cld/0617). Prev Advice: INFY … Continue reading

INDUSINDBK @1701 on 12/01/2018

You must have booked profit in this in terms of last advice. Look at it for re-entry only by way of accumulation on dips for medium term…ref 1029/6.27 (215/535/1710/1250/1150/1150/1200/1021/3M/1217/10681). Prev Advice: INDUSINDBK @1748 on 13/10/2017 This entry was posted on October 14, 2017, in stock-specific recommendations and tagged indusindbk, private banks, recommendations, results, stoccks. Bookmark the … Continue reading

TCS @2769 on 2/01/2018

You may sell this off now and wait for correction below 2570/- for re-entry, only with medium term view…ref 1074/3.85 (180/520/2250/1150/1100/1150/1200/1043/3M/1217/10681). Prev Advice: TCS @2556 on 13/10/2017 If you hold it than carry it, otherwise accumulate on dips with medium term point of view only…ref 1071/3.97 (250/590/2060/1150/1150/1200/1150/1020/3M/0917/cld/10167). Prev Advice: TCS @2439 on 13/07/2017 You had good opportunity … Continue reading

Sugar Srips

The three scrips out of sugar universe suggested are now quoting a) balramhin from 131/- to 142/- b) Dhampursug from 211/- to 231/- and Avadhsug from 804/- to 895/- . Those who are comfortable with gains may book profits. Sugar Scrips Please refer to my post dtd 28th Dec ’17. The giants like Balramchin did … Continue reading

Sugar Scrips in Fine Fettle

I suggested to you to go for some sugar scrips recently and it you did get them you are in decent profit. Some have gone up by more than 5% . Keep in touch here for investing delights. Krishna Khandelwal

Sugar Scrips

Please refer to my post dtd 28th Dec ’17. The giants like Balramchin did improve from 131/- to 135/- , Dhampursug from 211/- to 216/- and Avadhsug from 804/- to 808/- . Since the sugar price trend in international market is showing signs of stability one may remain invested in sugar scrips for time being … Continue reading

The Sugar Giants

I am a bit surprised at the extent of fall in stock prices of sugar biggies which happen to be most organised like Balrampur chini, Dhampur sugar and Avadh Sugar etc while small sugar scrips are maintaining price levels. This is while here is no big adverse development of late in sugar sector, the international … Continue reading

The Markets

At this stage you may have look at your portfolio which you might have built up as per our advice this result season and selectively book profit where medium term view was to be taken. I hope the previous post helped you negotiate a difficult turn. Nifty closed at healthy 10463 today. Prev Advice: Proof … Continue reading