panch-tattva…some guidance

Dear Investors/Traders, We cover NSE listed stocks (search by using NSE symbols) and give exacting advice. The results, whenever announced, are analyzed and recommendation is given based on almost all aspects of the business and environment (this you will find under ‘stock-specific recommendations’. We call our system of study as ‘panch-tattva’. To understand recommendations please … Continue reading


You might have been out of this by selling on surges; its quoting @668 now.


You may have completed accumulation in this now wait patiently. Its quoting @169 now and your average might be around 169-171.


This too was recommended for purchase with medium term point of view hence those who invested may now book profit, its going price is more than 2700/- just now. TCS @2328 0n 20/04/2017 You were advised to be out of this when buy-back announcement was made, it has fallen too since then and you may now … Continue reading


Look at the last advice, it was for buying this for medium term and hence today when it has crossed 900/- those who bought it may now sell it and book profit. Getting back in to liquidity is never a bad idea. HCLTECH @841 on 11/05/2017 It crossed 870/- since last advice and you were supposed … Continue reading

BANKBARODA @178 on 31/05/2017

Retain it or accumulate on dips for medium/long term…ref 985/54.05 (1265/855/120/1150/1150/1200/1150/1000/3M/0317/9621). Prev Advice: BANKBARODA @168 on 14/02/2017 You may still retain it, those who are out of this may accumulate on declines for medium/long term…ref 1024/52.33 (1255/1185/205/1150/1150/1150/1100/1000/3M/1216/150/188/8792). Prev Advice: BANKBARODA @162 on 11/11/2016 You must retain it for medium/long term now and buy if you don’t have … Continue reading

BPCL @739 on 31/05/2017

You may retain this but look for booking profit on surges…ref 1052/13.01 (2000/355/320/1100/1200/1200/1150/1094/3M/0317/9621). Prev Advice: BPCL @714 on 10/02/2017 You might have been out of this by booking profits, now you may accumulate this on dips for medium term…ref 1076/12.31 (2000/430/355/1100/1100/1150/1100/1081/3M/1216/600/725). You may contact us thru for advice regarding stocks of your choice. Prev Advice: … Continue reading

IBULHSGFIN @1150 on 31/05/2017

This item also has been freshly introduced in NIFTY and we would advice you to accumulate this for medium/long term..ref 1289/8.36 (240/1795/2425/1100/1200/1200/1150/1179/3M/cld/0317/9621).