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TechM @1565 on 26/10/2021

You may sell it if in stock and look for buying at under 1365/- till next advice… Ref 957/11.67 (290/475/1230/1162/1200/1150/1150/1000/q2fy22 ). Prev Advice: TechM This is quoting @1525 tiday (1040 hrs) and may be sold entirely now. Prev Advice: TechM @1233on 30/07/2021 (1115 hrs) Retain else buy one lot now and another at under 1165/- … Continue reading

Nestle @19175 on 21/10/2021 (1035 hrs)

Sell this if you have in stock and look for buying at under 17350/- till next advice… 926/0.95 (80/190/1590/1000/1250/1150/1150/1000/q2fy22 ). Look at previous advice and what treatment it got under our portfolio (PTQ3FY21 ): Nestle @17750 on 30/07/2021 (1100 hrs) Sell this if yiu have in stock and look for buying at under 16650/- till … Continue reading

Portfolios… Comparative Returns

Our Current Portfolios Friends, you must look at how the our portfolios have performed and also keep a track on activity which we report on daily basis. You will notice that in times of Nifty performing superbly over the last three quarters, our portfolios since ending of Q3FY21,  Q4FY21 and Q1FY22 have beaten the index … Continue reading

Auropharma @687 on 23/08/2021 (1140 hrs)

You had occasion to sell this at above 985/- in trrms of last advice and may buy this now for medium/long term… 979/23.94 (570/835/1350/782/1100/1100/1100/1000/q1fy22 ). Prev Advice: Auropharma @957 on 22/06/2021 This may retained for now and sld above 985/-… ref 968/16.5 (410/660/1335/1040/1100/1200/1000/1000/q4fy21 ). Prev Advice: Auropharma @935 on 11/02/2021 Buy this now for medium/long … Continue reading


IOCL @79.55on 30/10/2020 Thus should be retained ekse bought for medium /long term… ref 1102/146.41 (2000/140/740/739/1000/1000/1100/1100/qIIfy21).October 30, 2020Leave a Reply IOC @105.30 on 20/05/2021 at 1410 hrs Retain else buy for nedium/long term…ref 1113/142.30 (2000/1150/753/1000/1000/1000/1000/1000/q4fy21). Prev Advice: IOC @93/- on 29/01/2021 Buy this now but only for medium term…ref 1036/147.00 (2000/890/430/974/1000/1000/1000/1000/q3fy21).

Adanigreen @890 on 05/8/2021 (1140 hrs)

You may now buy this for mesium/long term… Ref 948/18.23 (30/260/2120/798/1150/1250//1100/1000/Q1FY22 ). Adanigreen @1065 on 05/05/2021 Buy this at under 935/- till next advice…ref 817/15.68 (20/170/1060/985/1100/1200/1000/1000/q421). Prev Advice: Adanigreen @1068/- on 11/02/2021 Wait for correction and next advice…ref 834/5.80 (20/160/580/1613/1100/1200/1000/1000/q3fy21).

Bosch @14800 on 05/08/2021 (1120 hrs)

Retain else buy for medium/long term… Ref 884/1.09 (210/290/1065/1000/1200/1200/1100/1000/q1fy22). Prev Advice: Bosch @15328 on 21/05/2021 This may be retained else bought for medium/long term…ref 958/.98 (275/490/1500/1000/1200/1200/1000/1000/q4fy21). Prev Advice: Bosch @16222/- on 11/02/2021 Buy this at under 15350/- for long term…ref 848/2.11 (250/215/610/1310/1200/1200/1000/1000/q3fy21).

TechM @1233on 30/07/2021 (1115 hrs)

Retain else buy one lot now and another at under 1165/- for medium /long term… Ref 987/12.83 (370/580/1330/1126/1200/1200/1100/1000/q1fy22 ). Prev Advice: Techm @978 on 38/04/2021 You may sell it now and look for buying at under 935/- till next advice… Ref 938/15.21 (410/580/1110/1000/1200/1200/1000/1000/q4fy21). Prev Advice: TechM @957 on 02/02/2021 Buy it now for long term…ref … Continue reading


We have added to our three running portfolios HDFCBank at opening price of 1487/- and HDFCAMC at opening prce of 3050/- in terms of our post resukt observation of which your are already aware of.