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U may note today’s progress of PanchtattvaQIII Portfolio. There were no results analysed and no transactions made today.

PanchtattvaQII and PanchrarrvaQIII

AS per the post quarterly results we will add 80 Larsen and Toubro at the open rate today to PanchtattvaQIII while in PanchtattvaQII we already hold it. Axixbank will be added to both at the open price today, 70 to PanchtattvaQII and 140 to PanchtattvaQIII. Asianpaint is to be bought under 1750/- so we shall … Continue reading

PanchtattvaQII Portfolio

PanchtattvaQII Portfolio did wonders today, it gained 0.01% against Nifty’s fall by 0.45% which closed 12169. We added 30 Kotakbank @1605/- at the open as informed this morning itself.