panch-tattva/ ptpts post result

Please find panch-tattva points (ptpts) post result (against CMP on 12th Jan 06) for you guidance:

SUPREMIND @231 gets 901 points and may not be invested in.
TATASPONGE @104/- gets 949 points and should be accumulated over time till the next Qly result since it has scope of appreciation.
UTIBANK @499/- gets 974 points and may be bought on declines in a few strokes but profits should be booked when opportune.
KEC @402 gets 1001 points and may be bought but keep stop loss in play.
LGBROS @29/- gets 1059 points and is good for immediate purchase.
Markets displayed a distinct firmness but also suggested that that it would be choppy and it would not be in the interest of the small investors to deal in front line stocks as one day one set of stocks move and other day the other set. How this may be digested and how this may be interpreted. You have been already told that don’t be concerned as to how the markets are behaving but concentrate on the items worth picking which the Panch Tattva wisdom reveals post results. In this light please keep a continuous watch on what is being given to you as a daily dose.It is the best to churn your portfolio in accordance with the Panch Tattva/post result finding.In case your item does not appear routinely you may specifically ask for it.There would be charge of INR50/- per scrip and I may be contacted at .Please read ‘Disclaimer’ statement and ‘The Points to Remember’ appearing on this blog site.
Hari Om

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