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Today Rajlingam Raju has received 7 year jail term for his misdeeds in Satyam Comp in a judgement delivered today. I have reproduced some of the posts when Satyam Scam had broken out. You may like to look in to those posts which are reproduced below.

Krsna Khandelwal

panch-tattva talk…satyam bagged


‘Satyam’ bidding has thrown up Techmahindra as winner and it has finally landed with right party which will be able to put its operations on even keel and will be able to make it regain its lost glory. The new shares will be picked up by ‘teckm’ at Rs 58 per piece and then then there will be open purchase at similar rate to the extent of 20pc. It will be best to stick with ‘satyam’ investment and even pick up some more. Since about Rs 1756 crs(for 31pc stake) will come to company itself , the derth of finance will not be a contraint for it. The liabilities will be easily met and the assets can now be preserved. One question has still not been answered ie whether there is any possibility of recovering lost moneis or its trail is being found.

L and T’s was the second highest bidder at Rs 45.90/share . It was not a close contest but the outcome is just OK for all concerned. If the going is just normal for some , the open offer at 58/- may not be taken by many and the share price may shoot past this figure. In this light it is advisable to buy shares below 58/- or even slightly higher after some time.

The markets are behaving with extraordinery confidence and have ended last day at just under 3400 of Nifty.


panch-tattva talk…’satyam’ falsehood


The neew board of directors came on ‘satyam’ board with much expectation. The falsehood is that they require time extended to June 30 for the third qtr result announcement. On the contrary they have imposed all sorts of ridiculous restrictions on the bidders of controlling stake while they have not been forthcoming in providing the information in their hands to them, Why in the world could the bidding not take place place after the concretisation of what ‘satyam’ has with it in terms of assets. Coming back to qtrly result, I am surprised why the qtrly results have to wait. Result for the qtr have simply to account for what has been the revenue and what has been expenditure and financial charges. It is not dependent on or subject to past manipulation. If the worthy new board hasn’t been able to do this much than either there is reluctance or there is non-competance or may be negligence. Every passing day , I have my feeling get stronger that there is an attempt to deflect the attention of public from the real matters and keep them ignorent about the facts , known and yet to be known. The parliament is not in session and when it was the leading politians were not finding it a big topic for discussion. I think the amount involved in ‘satyam’ case is so large that it may have leaked into every possible pocket which has no objection to what colour the money is.


panch-tattva talk…possibilities in ‘satyam’


The pieces are falling into place in respect of ‘satyam’ jigsaw puzzle. The CEO has been more or less appointed and its business hasnot shattered. It was even otherwise doing fine without the cash. The cash was in fact earned by the same workers who are there even today.

The share price of ‘satyam’ is down by about 80pc over the year.

What is now possible is the restoration of lost cash belonging to ‘satyam’. If the horse’s mouth is within the ear-shot and the horse is willing to talk , there every possibility that a big part of the missing cash will be recovered. Rs 10000 could never have been travelling without leaving a track. Such big sum of money can not even be spent. So , if the political bosses are interested and the teams at work are really doing their work the cash or the assets bought out of it can be taken back and restored to the rightful owner which is ‘satyam’ the company. It would not belong to govt., to employess or the customers.

In this light every one with right attitude should now buy a part of ‘satyam’. At around the present price of Rs 46 per share it remains a good bet for the investors.

Companies have been found to evade taxes and are imposed penalties. They even have to pay for the accidents and wrong deals, suffer for wrong investment, the borrower do not pay back and the like where big losses have to be accounted for. ‘Satyam’ faces no such thing.

I think I have given you the low down on it , rest is your sweet will. As any ecouragement , there is liquidity and there are suitors.


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