Posted on October 16, 2007

panch-tattva talk

WELGUJ @340 (151007) gets 960 pts and may be bought only after the next result or on some correction. HariOm, krsnaKhandelwal

panch-tattva/post result

AXISBABK @820 (151007) gets 864 pts and leaves it vulnerable to down swings and therefore buy on good correction and remain watchful. HariOm, krsnaKhandelwal

panch-tattva talk

Friends, Sensex closed at 19058 pts yesterday (nifty closed 5670) after a very severe push upwards during the day. There is definitely a mathod in madness. I agree that the worlds’ surplus money may not be finding it rewarding to place in US investment arena and hence it has to seek other parking places. Can … Continue reading